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Pastor Dayv Lounsbury


David (Dayv) Lounsbury was born and raised in Yakima, Washington.  Growing up in another denomination, Dayv did not become a Seventh-day Adventist until 2001.   This event became the catalyst to his ministerial calling and the beginning of this journey.   After graduating from Walla Walla University in 2004, Dayv was hired by the Upper Columbia Conference and has since ministered to churches in three states and obtained his Master’s Degree in Theology from Andrews University.  Currently he serves the Spirit Lake and Spokane Central churches

Gena and Dayv met in 1996 and they were married in 1999.  Gena is a nurse, homemaker, and gifted musician.   She is a caring and loving woman and also a powerful witness for Christ.   Together they have three children; Bailey, 13; Timri, 11; and Tobey, 7.  

"The Journey” is Dayv’s favorite theme and symbol for the Christian life.  God invites everyone on a Journey of faith and discovery.  No two people are alike; therefore no two journeys are exactly alike.  It is always a privilege and an honor to assist people in their spiritual journey and see the miracles that take place as the love of God transforms them into His children.  God has a plan for all of our lives.  Dayv and Gena are excited to be a part of that plan.